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Responsibilities of Aged Women

This is part two of a five part series on the responsibilities of Christian family members:

Titus 2:3-4a "The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the young women…"

Aged Christian women are a real key to the success of the Christian home. God has intended for them to fulfill tasks that are specially fitted to them. Unfortunately, many of the Christian women in our churches today have so many interbiblical conflicts that they are little able to assist any one else. It is a breakdown of responsibility that causes a "Domino effect" from one generation to the next. I fear we have only begun to reap the fruit from seeds of neglect and rebellion sown over the past 25 years. Let's carefully digest the scripture above:

The Bible (not me or any other preacher) commands Christian women to "behave as becometh holiness". Holiness is "Purity", "God-likeness". Christian women should not view or endorse in any way the unholy actions of the perverts on "daytime television". Soap Operas are as wicked as Hell itself, Talk shows scrape the gutters of society in the name of entertainment. It is an abomination. If our great grandmothers had seen the kind of filth this generation endorses, they would have hung their heads in shame. How is it that our aged women can view and even endorse it?

Mature Christian women are instructed to not be "false accusers". I am quite certain that the Holy Spirit had in mind the propensity of women to gossip. Christian women have learned how to disguise their gossip as prayer requests, but God is not fooled by this uncontrolled urge to be involved in other people's business. Here's a good rule: If you are not a part of the problem or the solution, Keep your mouth shut! Too much false accusation takes place over the telephone lines between the homes of Christian women. Jesus never spoke the words "Did you hear about…"

Wine is not an issue to the dedicated Christian woman. There is no reason for any Christian to partake of alcoholic beverages. The principle however, applies to any mind-altering substance. Even medication needs to be in moderation. Escaping from reality via drugs (legal or illegal) is inconsistent with Chritianity.

Christian ladies are to be teachers of good things. There are so many skills which aged women could be passing on to the next generation. Cooking, Sewing, Home Decorating, Acts of Kindness, Hospitality, Graciousness, Value Shopping, Child Raising, Crafts, Home Organization Skills, and Time Management are just a few "good things" that come immediately to mind. Who will teach these things if aged Christian women do not?

If I may be so bold as to assess the current situation: It appears that aged women are so self indulged in their parties, movies, traveling, keeping up with all the activities of the neighborhood, working to pay for things they don't want to impress people they don't like, that they have forgotten that they still have God given responsibilities. The next generation will suffer for their delinquency, but they alone will answer to God for it.

Ladies, we need the influence of your Godly behaviour. Please obey the Word of God.

By David Thompson  2/15/01

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