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Controversial Issues Part 3

The Jesus of The Bible has been so weakened and watered down that if the real Jesus of the Bible came and walked and talked among us as He did in days of old, He would be despised and rejected and accused of being out of touch, intolerant and unloving. The Laodicean age has created a "foreign to Scripture" imitation of Christ. Let me share some glimpses of the Jesus of the Bible dealing with controversial issues.

  1. He did not avoid serious subjects as modern day hierling preachers do. He dealt with divorce, demonism, deception, anger, adultery and a world of other serious subjects. Matt. 16-19
  2. He did not avoid secret sin. John 8:1-11
  3. He did not avoid sounding severe. Matt. 21:1-17; Matt. 23; Mk. 9
  4. He did not avoid shooting straight, no matter who got hit with the truth. Lu. 13:22-33; Mk. 7:1-9; Mk. 8:10-15
  5. He did not avoid seeming stubborn in His position. Mk. 14:60-65; Luke 22:63-71
  6. He did not avoid seeming superior to kings. John 18:31 through 19:18
  7. He did not avoid citing Scriptures for His doctrine. Mt. 21:42, 22:29; Luke 24:27, John 5:39 and John 7:14-20
  8. He did not avoid saying He was the only Saviour. Jn. 8:19-25, 8:45-56
  9. He did never surrendered the truth for the sympathy of the people. Jn. 8:44

Please read 2 Tim. 4:1-6 and notice, the time Paul spoke of is here! The truth that sets people free is the truth the world does not want to hear. Hireling preachers have created a dangerously benign Christ, foreign to the Holy Word of God.

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