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Responsibilities of Aged Men

The Lord willing, this will be the first of a five part series. We will begin with aged men, then move to aged women, young women, young men and finally servants. The second chapter of Titus spells out the responsibilities of different family members in a Christian household. In this passage, the Holy Ghost, through Paul the Apostle, is instructing Titus (a young preacher) as to what he should preach to different members of the Christian family. Let's look at these in the order they appear in the chapter, beginning with:

Aged men: "That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience."

These terms seem to describe a mature Christian man who is serious about pleasing God rather than being flippant. He must realize that there is a spiritual world (unseen) as well as a physical world (which can be seen). Men like this are concerned about the well being of the less mature Christians within their realm of influence, rather than only being focused on their own lives and well being. This would be a man who understands the tricks of the devil. He knows that Satan is out to destroy young and old Christians alike.

He is a self controlled, disciplined man. He has experienced victory over sin. He is not over indulgent in his hobbies, or pet projects, but has a Godly balance in his life. (If the average Christian man knew as much about glorifying God as he does about hunting, fishing and working on cars we would have many more super strong Christians in our time.)

His faith is settled firmly in the Blood of Jesus. He doesn't "wobble" in this. This type of man represents stability to the younger, more immature Christians. He has seen God "come through" so many times that his faith in God is strong. When the winds of trouble blow through the Church, this man sets a tone of control, and assists the Pastor in sending this message: "If we handle this Gods way, it will all work out OK".

His love for the Lord and for others can be easily seen by all those who know him. He has a love for the souls of lost men and women. He has a merciful side -- willing to help the "down and outers". He is not stingy with his time or money. His charity shows up in true hospitality. He definitely is not power-hungry looking for people to control.

He is a man who understands the value of waiting for the perfect will of God to be revealed. He never forces an issue or pushes ahead of the Pastors leadership. He prays for God to guide the Church through the Pastor.

How our churches need aged men like this! I am thankful to know some personally. God help us!

Next week's topic: Aged Women. By David Thompson 2/8/01

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