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Things We Have to Get Over in Order to Go On

Psalm 37:23-24; Prov. 24:16 “utterly” means complete, finished, perish, cease, etc.

The number of people I have encountered over the years that just can't seem to get back up, get back in, and keep going on for God is staggering.  Honestly, if
a person is truly saved and forever thankful to God for rescuing them from a Christ-less eternity, how can that person let anyone or anything get them out of the will and walk of God?

Whatever or whoever controls our life is lord of our life! 

Listen. I've had a lot of disappointments in my Christian life, but the disappointments are nothing compared to the delights I have with my Saviour and
my salvation!

If we stopped serving God every time someone hurt our feelings, we would be a sorry excuse for a Christian.

If we pouted and puffed up every time someone rubbed us wrong, we would not be walking in the Spirit, and therefore, would not have the fullness of joy God has
promised to us.

Listen to some of the major causes of getting down and out.

Weariness, Mark 6:31 “And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat.”  Notice though only  "a while."
Hurt feelings. Mt 13:57  “And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.”

Failure, infrequent stumble. (not habitual) Some people are so disappointed in themselves, they feel unworthy  and unable to get back to that close walk with God. Can you say “Peter”? Can you say “David”?

Disappointment in family or friends.  The last thing we need to do when we or someone we love fails and falls is to fail and fall!  Heb. 12:13 (read) “Hang down” means “exhausted, relaxed.” The chapter starts with “run” but here “hands hang down.” Runners do not race with hands to the side!  And notice if we don’t take a straight course, we lead others astray!

Financial pressure, limited resources.  This I have learned in life…the tide comes in and goes out, and financial conditions rise and fall, fall and rise, but we serve God up or down, with or without, in plenty or little. Phil. 4:10-12 job, in status, in friends, in health.  This is a common thing with man…he doesn’t deal well with change. “None of these things move me…” Acts 20

Question: you're standing before God to give account for getting down and out; what will you say?

Listen to what The Lord might say:

Did you not read 2 Tim 3:12 ‘yea and all that will live Godly.…’"
Did you not read where they spat on Me ? Mocked Me? Beat Me?  Crucified Me?”  Matt. 27:29-31
Did you not read that I laid down My life for you?”
Did you not read that the sufferings of this life are not worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be
revealed in you?”
Did you not read that we are ‘to count it all joy…’
 ‘rejoice...for great is your reward in heaven.’"?
Can you really say you have an excuse to forsake the assembling of yourself?”
Can you really say you just need to take a break? Take time to think?”
Can you really say ‘life just isn't fair’ without realizing, I am the Lord of life?”
Do you not realize you are using Me as an excuse for your failure, for I direct all the things that come your way?” 
Can you not see the things you use to excuse your life are the things I intend to use to make your life more powerful and meaningful?”


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