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The Names of God

Before I get to the names of God I would like to show a list of the attributes of God consistent with the trinity of God.

Attribute Father Son Holy Spirit
Eternal Psalm 90:2 Rev. 1:8,17 Heb. 9:14
Omnipotent 1 Peter 1:5 2 Cor. 12:9 Rom. 15:19
Omniscient Jer. 17:10 Rev. 2:23 1 Cor. 2:11
Omnipresent Jer. 23:24 Mt. 18:20 Psalm 139:7
Holy Rev. 15:4 Acts 3:14 Lu. 1:15
Truth John 7:28 Rev. 3:7 1 Jn. 5:6
Benevolent Rom. 2:4 Eph. 5:25 Neh. 9:20
Communion 1 John. 1:3 1 John 1:3 2 Cor. 13:14

Names of God:
1. Elohim (Gen. 2:4) The One who is mighty. The LORD the creator.
2. El Elyon (Gen. 14:22 The One who is supreme. The LORD who Owns.
3. Adonai (Gen. 15:2) The One who is ruling. The LORD our Master.
4. El Olam (Gen. 21:33) The One who is mysterious. The LORD Who Reveals.
5. Jireh (Gen. 22:14) The One who redeems. The LORD who Provides.
6. Nissi (Exodus 17:15) The One who fights for us. The LORD our Banner.
7. Rophi (Exodus 15:26) The One who heals. The LORD who heals.
8. Yekaddia (Exodus 31:13) The One who is sanctification. The LORD Sanctifies.
9. Shalom (Judges 6:24) The One who gives peace. The LORD our Peace.
10 Sabaoth (1 Samuel 1:3) The One who possesses. The LORD of Hosts.
11. Zidkenu (Jer. 23:6) The One who Justifies. The LORD our Righteousness.
12. Shammah (Exek. 48:35) The One who is present. The LORD at Hand.
13. Elyon (Psalm 7:17) The One who blesses. The LORD who Blesses.
14 Roi (Ra-Ah) (Psalm 23:1) The One who cares. The LORD our Shepherd.

Jer 9:23-24 “Thus saith the LORD, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches:
But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the LORD.”

Dear Reader, It is my prayer that if you do not know The LORD, that you might with this article be prompted by the Holy Spirit to get to know Him through Jesus Christ our LORD.

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