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Debt, Recovery, and Prosperity

by Dr. Phil Kidd
Sample of book coming soon
"Allowing Your Money To Work For You".

Though all of us would denounce the act of slavery many are in bondage that God considers freedom robbers. I'm talking about the grief and burden of debt. This small and simple outline is just a sample of the content of the book I'm writing at this time.


  1. The national debt of our country has now topped over 13 trillion dollars.
  2. American's average income is $28,000.00 a year. $4,100 of each year goes out just in credit card debt.  That means 20% of most incomes go to credit cards.
  3. 34 cents of every dollar people make will be paid in intrest in their life time.
  4. Average person is $36,000.00 in debt not including credit card debt.
  5. Finanical burdens are the cause of 33% of all divorces and break ups.
  6. 41% of all depression stems from the pressure of debt and lack of needed funds.


  1. Must have some kind of cash flow- a consistent income through a daily job.
  2. Contact creditors- agree to send 10% of monthly income toward installment plan.
  3. Determine to put another 10% of monthly income toward a small savings account.- You have to give yourself a starting point.
  4. Turn your personal knowledge and experiences into extra income. Pick up money on the side. Like cleaning houses, working on cars, pressure washing concrete, ironing...etc...
  5. Educate yourself to avenues of a self starting business. One man I helped was at a dead end job making furniture, he now has 5 trucks and trailors on the road.  It takes faith, leadership, and hard work.
  6. Remember - You are either making money or making someone else money. Owning a business is not for everyone. You must know your limits and gifts from God and work with them accordingly.
  7. When extra money comes a long, don't absorb it into your spending. rather put it on principle of debts you owe.
  8. If you must go into a debt situation try to make an investment into something that can grow in value. Example; new cars are not good debts, they decrease in value. Homes. Land, etc... are investments that produce profit and gain.


  1. Once you are out of debt, vow never to go back to that life style. I have helped some get out of debt only to see them relapse in several years time.
  2. Continue doing what has worked for you. Don't stop or let up because you can see results.
  3. Expand, reinvest, and enlarge your assets. Allow time to work and produce increase. Some efforts will afford profit faster than others.
  4. Not every opportunity will yield gain and profit, expanding allows other investments and incomes to cover any losses you will encounter. Don't put all your eggs in one basket , as the old saying goes.
  5. Enlarging includes challenges, chances, and changes. There is no easy or fast money. There are to many crooks out there to assure that will never happen in your life time. Be consistent and faithful to your budget and spending limits.
  6. Once established, never allow your debt to surpass your assets. If you need to borrow for another expanding opportuinty don't allow that debt to amount to more money than you can get your hands on in case you need to pay it off quick.

NOTE- Let honesty and a clean testimony be your lasting influence on those you deal with. There have been times I have taken a loss just to keep my testimony clean and above reproach.  Never lie or dodge your appointments with the business world.
God has challenged us to do this for a purpose; so we can give more to His work and the spreading of The Gospel.
God hates debt so much that He sent His only begotten Son into this world to die just to get us out of it!!!  Jesus paid it ALL- i'M LIVING DEBT FREE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.
I trust these few words will create a hunger in you to make this year the year of change for your debts and your future.

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