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Lord, Visit This Vine

Psalm 80:1-19 should be read and notice v2 is a prayer to the Lord addressed in v.1 The subject is found in vs. 3, 7, and 9 and the words “Turn us again.” They were in deep need of revival and the word “turn” literally means, return back to the starting place, to bring back home again. There are many combinations of the word as well such as deliver, fetch home again, pull in again, recall, recover, refresh, relieve , rescue, restore, retrieve and reverse. The words “turn us again” indicate a confession on their part that they had gone the wrong way and needed to be turned back again. Verse 8 shows they recognize they were brought out of Egypt (the world) and even though their bodies are in Canaan their hearts are in Egypt. When God brought the vine out of Egypt and planted it in Canaan, it flourished and became fruitful, but now it is ravaged, v12-13, and the hedges are broken and the vine is abused. Verse 14 gives the request: “Visit this vine.” The “visit” spoken of means to tend to, to prune etc. The uniqueness of the vine is that it has to be cared for and carefully pruned.

Now there are some things that can take place when a vine is not cared for and there are some things that can happen to God’s people.

  1. The vine can be defiled. Deut 22:9 This happens when the vine is intertwined with the wild vines, that is, the world.
  2. It can be damaged. Psalm 80:12-13 and Nahum 2:2 Listen, people who are Spirit-filled always survive damage.
  3. It can be in a dry place. God planted the vine in a good place. See Isa.5:1-6 . Sometimes Christians find themselves in a dry and thirsty land. When God’s people choose to forsake the assembling and or go to a dead, formalistic, liberal Church, they can become dry Spiritually.
  4. It can be devoured. Mal. 3:11, Song of Solomon 2:15 When God’s vine is in the world and out of the will of God, it (the Christian) is in danger of being perverted and corrupted.
  5. It can be planted in bad dirt. Now, God planted it in a “very fruitful hill.” and remember Psalm 80:8 God brought “a vine out of Egypt.” Sometimes God’s people choose to go to a liberal Church with little or no stand on the Bible; little or no stand on Biblical standards of separation from the world and then wonder why their children become carnal. It is because bad dirt (spiritually) leads to Spiritual disease. Isa. 1:1-7
  6. Sometimes it can become degenerate. Jer. 2:21 That means turned off, deteriorated.

Psalm 80: 14 “Visit this vine” does not mean come and see… It means to come and care for and that certainly means, come and do what a vinedresser does to His vine.
If you want God to visit the vine, (your life) you must be willing to be cut, to be pruned, purged from sin, convicted and separated from the things that turned you away from Him in the first place.

If we want to live in fellowship with God, there are three things that are essential among others:

  1. Do not plant your vine in Egypt.
  2. Do not plant your vine in dry ground.
  3. Do not plant your vine in bad dirt.

“Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.” Psalm 92:13


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