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Being A Fundamentalist Parts 1-4

Part 1
Over the last few years there has been a reinventing of historical fact, a reinventing of Biblical truth and now, a reinventing of historic Christian faith and doctrine. One of the greatest examples is the use of the word “fundamentalist”. That word has been used in so many ways that many people do not separate the “kind” from the word. For example, when talking about a Fundamentalist, are we to believe they are all the same? Whether you like it or not, the word “fundamentalist” has gained a negative meaning and carries the idea of extremism in any setting. Some people have written “Letters to the editors” in the past and equated “Christian Fundamentalists” to the inquisitions of past centuries. The fact is that the Christian Fundamentalists were not the murderous ones…they were the ones being murdered for their refusal to deny their fundamental faith that claims Christ only for salvation, plus nothing and minus nothing. When Jesus said in John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” He was talking about the fundamentals of the Christian faith. This is the difference between “The Christian Faith” and any other “Faith”. There are fundamentals of any faith (denomination or sect) but that does not mean they are equivalent to other fundamentalist. For example, Muslim fundamentalist are a world different from Christian fundamentalist. Mormon fundamentalist are a world different from Christian fundamentalist. The news media has so loosely used the word that most people connect it with anyone extreme or militant, radical. If we go back and read the words, the documents of the founders and statesman of our Nation’s past, we see Christian Fundamentalism at it’s best. Our great Constitution and Bill of Rights are a reflection of the Great Fundamentals of the Christian Faith. A Christian Fundamentalist will be the first to stand for your right to disagree with his doctrinal positions, yet he will be the first to stand against you if you attempt to take away his right to the fundamentals of his faith.
Part 2
Last week I gave a simple introduction to the subject, making the point that there are many "kinds" of fundamentalist. Frankly, there are extremes in any form of "fundamentalism" including Christian fundamentalism. That does not mean that all Christian fundamentalist are extreme. The same is true of some of the other groups being referred to as "Fundamentalist." When the vast majority of a group is extreme, their kind of fundamentalism should be given as well. Actually, the word "fundamental" means, pertaining to the foundation or basis; Hence, essential; important and obviously necessary to the system of belief. In other words, Christians are fundamentalist when they believe certain tenants of the faith cannot be omitted. One of the major reasons we refer to ourselves as "fundamentalist" is to make a distinction between ourselves and "modernist." The most glaring mistake of the modernist is to put a question (?) where God puts a period (.) Fundamentalist do not question or correct the Word of God. We believe God’s Word is "forever settled in Heaven" and "every Word of God is pure." By the way, this is a necessary point of belief for anyone who is to be called "a Christian Fundamentalist." You are not a fundamentalist if you do not believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. In fact, you are not a Christian fundamentalist if you do not believe in the Virgin Birth, Blood Atonement, Bodily resurrection or the necessity of being Born Again by Grace through Faith in the Death, Burial and resurrection of Christ. A fundamentalist believes in the sanctity of life. A person who commits murder in the name of Christ is not a Christian fundamentalist. For example, a true Christian fundamentalist would never advocate, approve of, or participate in the killing an abortionist.
A Christian fundamentalist stands for what he or she believes within the boundaries of the Law of God and the Law of the land. When there is a conflict between those two, we always bow to the Law of God without apology. Acts 5:29 "We ought to obey God rather than men."
To call me a Christian Fundamentalist is a compliment. It defines what I believe based on the Word of God, and it does not mean that I am a nut case radical. I am not ashamed to be called that, but to compare us to nut case, radical, extreme Muslims or Mormons beyond comprehension.
Part 3
One of the most frequent accusations made against Christian Fundamentalists is that we are “intolerant.” If by that it is meant that we do not tolerate other’s right to their own belief, that is a baseless accusation. We believe everyone has a free will and can make a choice based upon their free will. If by that it is meant that we must accept their belief system as valid even though it is not Bible-based, then we are not tolerant. What that means to us is that they expect us to tolerate their belief system and yet they do not tolerate our belief system. That brings up another accusation often made about fundamentalist, namely, that we are “dogmatic.” It simply means that we have a settled opinion. We have principles that are positive and we will not change or weaken them to make peace with those who will not suscribe to them. That is compromise and that a true fundamentalist will not yield to. We are dogmatic about Hell; we are dogmatic about sin. We do not believe there are any gray areas, nor do we agree with situational ethics. Sodomy is sin. Worldliness is sin. Adultery is sin. Pre-martial sex is sin. Drunkenness is sin. I have heard some liberal people brag in glowing terms about the “peace and love” in their Churches. Let me explain why this is so. If no one is taking a stand for right, then there is no argument. This is what happened in 1 Cor. 5 where the Church was “puffed up, and have not rather mourned.” They were so proud of their tolerance that it “puffed” them up. Look it up. It means to “be proud.” The young man was in an immoral relationship with his stepmother, and the Church knew about it and yet tolerated it, even developing sinful pride over their “love and peace.” Read the rest of the Chapter and you will see that we are taught Dogmatism and intolerance in the Word of God. That does not mean we are arrogant. It means we take a stand for what the Bible plainly teaches.
Jude 3 tells us that Fundamental Christians are to “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” “The Faith” is the body of truth that makes up our doctrinal positions. We “earnestly” “contend” ( means struggle) for that without apology.
Part 4
We believe in the inerrancy and authority of the Holy Bible, King James Version. One who does not believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures is not a Christian Fundamentalist. We believe that the claim of the Bible to be the inspired Word of God excludes all other such claims. We do not believe all religions are different roads to the same heaven. In fact, a person cannot believe that and be a Christian Fundamentalist. We believe all people must be Born Again through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the New birth no person will enter heaven. We believe that in order to be a Christian Fundamentalist, you must ascribe to the “Fundamentals of the Faith.” We make up much of the nation’s voice calling America back to God in repentance and righteousness. We have been saying for years ( read some of my previous patriotic articles) that America is headed for trouble because our nation has turned from the God of the Bible. We lay the blame for our present trouble on sin and its consequence. “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Prov. 14:34, A Bible believing fundamentalist loves the Lord, loves God’s Word, loves the souls of men and our land of liberty. Anyone who rejoices over the death of our soldiers is not a Christian Fundamentalist. We believe in freedom of religion (all faiths), however we recognize the foundation of America was based on Fundamental Christian Doctrine found in the Holy Word of God. WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU CHOOSE, BUT WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO TELL YOU THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD , ONE BIBLE , ONE FAITH , ONE CHRIST AND ONLY ONE WAY TO HEAVEN! The two things we love most is Satisfying Christ in our lives and seeing souls saved for His honor and glory. That cannot be condemned. May God bless you is my prayer.


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