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Yielding Your Members as Instruments of Righteousness

I preached this message recently and related how it was impressed upon my heart through the infirmity of my flesh. I have had a nodule on my vocal chord and was directed by my ENT doctor not to talk, preach, sing and even whisper. That was difficult for me, not only because I am a preacher, but because I am very open with the Gospel of Jesus in my everyday life. I began to think of what a precious thing it is to be able to freely talk and how much we take such a thing for granted. God has a purpose in giving us these abilities.

Romans 6:11-23 (read) mentions “your members as instruments of unrighteousness”… “And your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.” In V19 we see, “For as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity, even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.” James 3:5-6 mentions the tongue as “a little member.”

My main thought is concerning the importance of using our “members” as “instruments of righteousness” while we have them, and not take for granted or misuse the things God has given to us for a higher purpose.

The word “Instruments” in Romans 6 infers, to be busy about, an implement, utensil, or tool. Our body is designed by God with different parts that are called “members” and then we are told to yield them as “instruments” unto righteousness. God intends these members to be used as tools, utensils, implements for His glory, and sadly, many times we use them for our glory. That is why He sometimes has to jolt us into realizing their value to Him and to us for the higher purposes. Sometimes God has to either touch or take a member to remind us that they are not ours to do with as we please. Have you considered the different abilities you have from God, and that one day He will hold us all accountable for how we use them?

Let me now name some of these “MEMBERS” and ask frankly about the use or misuse of them in our lives.

1. The voice. What have we yielded our voices to? If you are saved, the question is, have you used your voice to share the gospel? To speak to those hurting, those helpless and confused, lost? Or have you used your voice to speak wrong things, foul language, gossip, hatred, bitterness, strife, or cursing?

2. The eyes. What have we yielded our eyes to? Have you given your eyes to things forbidden? Do you have eyes full of adultery? Do you look at pornography? David said he would set no wicked thing before his eyes. On the other hand, do you use your eyes to read the Bible, see the need of others, and grow in the grace and knowledge of God?

3. The ears. What have we yielded our ears to? Do you listen to gossip? Do you take part in other people’s slander? Do you listen to evil talk? Cursing? Filthy language? Do you listen to music that has foul language? On the other hand, do you listen to straight preaching? Do you listen to uplifting Christian music? Do you listen to other people’s needs and have a sympathetic ear that brings you to prayer and possibly to help?

4. The hands and feet. What have we yielded our hands and feet to? Have you given you hands to hold wrong things, unclean things, and even touching wrong things? Have you used your hands to access wrong things on your computer? Text wrong things on your phone? Have you used such a wonderful thing as being able to walk to go places you should never go? A bar? Someone’s house to commit adultery, or to take something that is not yours?

5. Have you used you voice to call on God for salvation? Have you given your eyes to the Lord to live for Him? Have you turned your ears toward God to hear His will for your life? Have you committed your life and limbs to the Lord to be used for His glory?
If not, yield your members as instruments of righteousness unto God! You will never regret giving them back to God for His glory!

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