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God Being Forgotten Days Without Number

Please read Jeremiah 2:1-37

This is the initial message to Judah. The first thing God does is remind them of their past in verse 2. “I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals, when thou wentest after me in the wilderness…” The picture here is of the initial falling in love… “the kindness of thy youth.” You know God is talking about how young lovers treat each other and want to please each other in the beginning. It concerns how two lovers are devoted to each other. Then in V.5 God asked a question: “What iniquity have your fathers found in Me, that they are gone far from Me…?” The answer is that they can find no fault in God. Can you imagine in our time that God would ask some who have deserted Him, His Church, His Bible, His way of living…”What have I done to deserve this treatment?” In V.6, they got so far away from God that they did not even seek the LORD like they did in the wilderness, and they forgot what is was like to be blessed of the LORD. Then when they got to the promised land, they polluted it. In V.8 even the religious leaders, of all people, were going through the religious motions without seeking the LORD, and in fact, they handled the Law of God, but did not know the Law. In V.9 God, being merciful, loving, kind, and The gracious God that He is said, “I will yet plead with you, saith the LORD, and with your children’s children will I plead.” It is sad that God has to beg His people to be loving, obedient and devoted followers. It is sad that after all the goodness of God, V. 11 tells us that the root of the problem is their “religion.” Verse 12 shows the seriousness of it and God said “be horribly afraid…there is not fear.” Verse 13, God explains where they went wrong…they committed 2 evils:

  1. “They have forsaken me the fountain of living waters.”
  2. “And hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

These two things result in two things: dryness and emptiness, which is where many Christians are today! In verse 19, God lays the blame on them (read again) and notice, “Know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter (chafed, angry) that thou has forsaken the LORD thy God…” In other words, this is a very serious thing you have done. They had all they needed to be “a noble vine, wholly right seed”, but in Verse22, Soap will not remove the sin! Skip down to V.28 God asked, “But where are thy gods…let them arise.” Verse 30 tells us chastisement did not work. “They received no correction.” Finally in verse 32 “Ye My people have forgotten me days without number.”
Now here is the peril of “Forgetting God Days Without Number” :

  1. Lose that sweet fellowship with God (v.2)
  2. Lose the promises of God (vs.6-7)
  3. Lose the freshness of Godliness (13)
  4. Lose the liberty to live for him (vs.14-15)
  5. Lose the power of God (v16)
  6. Waste life seeking what was lost (v18)
  7. Pay the price for forgetting God (V19)
  8. Unable to get clean from a defiled conscience (v. 22)
  9. Bring shame on the name of God (v. 26)
  10. Lose children and grandchildren (v.30)
  11. Wearing thin the grace of God (v.32)
  12. Become a stumbling block to others and the lost (vs. 33-34)

If you are a Christian who has forgotten God days without number, may I urge you to get your life right and enjoy the goodness of God while you may? Time is running out.

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