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Santa? Harmless or Hurtful?

Several articles have appeared in our paper claiming Santa to be a harmless character. Of course, the first and most important question to be answered is this, “Does Santa Have The Attributes of God?” Secondly, “Scripturally speaking, does he have the attributes of a false god?” Thirdly, according to 2 Cor. 11:12-15, is it possible that Santa has become a “minister of satan? In those verses his ministers are false and deceitful. They are transformed into ministers of righteousness.

Now, I have admitted in my previous articles about how I responded many years ago when faced with the truth about Santa. When I was faced with Bible truth that revealed the deception and the lies that are told about this mythological creature, I realized that I could not go on promoting him and covering him as harmless. My fear of God won over my fear of what people would think or do, or brand me as weird. It is not insignificant that he has most of the attributes of the One True God!

Even the simple things like the color red, the North Pole, A list of deeds good or bad, presents, and elves like angels, helpers.

I made a Biblical choice to not give santa the place deserved only by the Lord in my life. We still celebrate Christmas. We still give gifts. We celebrate the birth of Christ, but do not give santa a place in our celebrations. I came to believe it to be impossible for santa to evolve so closely to the Lord without satanic influence. God said in Ex. 20:3, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” SO HOW DOES SANTA QUALIFY AS “ANOTHER GOD?

  1. He is holy, perfect, sinless. 
  2. He is sovereign. 
  3. He is eternal. 
  4. He is unchangeable. 
  5. He is omniscient (knows everything). 
  6. He is just (always does right). 
  7. He is Omnipresent ( is everywhere ). 
  8. He is omnipotent (can do anything ). 
  9. He is righteous (can do no wrong ) 
  10. He rewards good and evil. 
  11. Like God, he resides in the north. 
  12. Like God, he has helpers. 
  13. Like God, he gives gifts.

Now consider: Santa perverts the knowledge of God. When we promote him to our children, we lie. With all God’s attributes, we create another god in the lives of our children . In promoting the myth of santa, we deify him and humanize God, thereby confusing our children about the Holy Nature of God. May you consider the offense it is to God to give such a myth the place only God deserves!

Merry Christmas.

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