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The Man of Sorrows

Please read Isa. 53:1-12 where you will find the description of Jesus in V3 being , “A Man Of Sorrows.” Notice also that Jesus is prophesied as being “acquainted with grief.” Acquainted means to be familiar with, to feel, to know, to understand. The whole chapter if filled with sadness, travail, bruising. In John 11 we see Jesus weeping, groaning in Spirit, troubled, and in Luke 19:41 Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Truly, Jesus was “a Man of Sorrows” and I would like to tell here some of the reasons He is called “A Man of Sorrows.”

  1. Jesus is called a man of sorrows because (more than any other reason) He was forsaken by the Father. Matthew 27:26-46 He was “sorrowful and very heavy”, “Exceeding sorrowful” and He cried, “O My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as thou will.”

  2. Jesus was a man of sorrows, feeling for the fate of lost sinners. Jesus knew that all the lost who reject Him and despise Him are destined for Hell forever. Look back at Matthew 23:37-39 and Matthew 27:27-44. You and I can never imagine the sorrow of Christ knowing that He is dying for those who mocked, spat, stripped and smote Him. See Ezek. 18:23,32 and 33:11 In Isa. 53:3, preceding the words, “a man of sorrows”, are these words: “He is despised and rejected.” If you are lost and you reject Christ as Saviour, you will go to Hell! That alone makes Jesus a man of sorrows.

    Jesus is “A Man of Sorrows” Forsaken by the Father.
    Jesus is “A Man of Sorrows” Feeling for the Lost.

  3. Jesus is a man of sorrows, Because of the failure of His people. Heb. 3:7-13 Notice verse 10, “I was grieved with that generation.” See also Hebrews 5:5-8 I wonder how much of the “strong crying and tears” were about me, you, His people with Satan getting advantage of His people. See Psalm 69:1-11 If you are saved, you can rest assured Jesus is “A Man of Sorrows” because of our failure to live for Him. It is a grief to the Lamb of God, the Man of Sorrows when we His people grieve the Holy Spirit and go our way after He paid such a high price for our Salvation.

We cannot change the first two, but we can change the last one and not allow our lives to bring grief to the Lord Jesus Christ by living an obedient life for His glory.

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