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Living With The Winner Inside

1 John 4:4 speaks of the Holy Spirit indwelling the believers being “greater than he that is in the world.”  In view of this great truth, we have no reason to fail or fall. We re on the winning side.  This truth makes us aware of the fact that we can win in all situations and be victorious because of the greatness of God’s Spirit within.  1 John 4:4-5 makes a distinction between believers and unbelievers and the spirit of error and the Spirit of truth.  Those who are Born Again hear the voice of the Spirit of truth and those who are not and are of the world hear the world.  Look at John 15:18-19 also shows the difference.  The work of satan is in no danger of failure as long as one is unsaved, however, when a person is saved by the grace of God, he or she is not alone and the great helper of the saints gives inner strength and victory in the toughest of situations.
We overcome sin, fear, doubt, confusion, temptation, worldliness, hatred, selfishness, temper as the helper inside gives that day by day inward strength.

See Romans 8:5-17 The winner inside is always convicting our heart. He is always encouraging our heart. He is always creating a Spiritual mind in us. He is always helping us put down fleshly desires. He is always confirming who we are in Christ. We have the witness inside!

Look at Eph. 3:13-21 and notice especially vs. 16 and 20 where we are “strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man.”

Now, here is why some Christians fail and fall into the traps of Satan, even though they have the winner inside.  Some people grieve the Holy Spirit. Some people vex the Holy Spirit.  Some people quench the Holy Spirit.

If you are Born Again, you have all you need to be victorious in living for Christ. You can  win over everything and anything that comes your way.

My prayer for you, reader, is that you will realize that God has prepared for your success and has provided for it in a way that satan cannot win over. 

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