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Honor To Whom Honor

On this past Sunday, not only did my wife and I celebrate 23 years here at Faith, but the Church addition of a beautiful new foyer and portico was dedicated to Bro. Milton Rawles and his wife Glenda. We honored them for 45 years of faithful service to the Lord in the Ministry. Bro. Rawles has had several different physical challenges over the last few years including heart attack, cancer, strokes and open heart surgery.  I had my Pastor, Dr. Charles E. Wright come and preach Sunday services and then the Dedication service after dinner on the grounds. 

In Romans 13:7 there is a list of those we are told to give their dues. There is listed tribute, custom, fear and honor.  We are told by God to give Honor to whom honor is due. The word “honour”  means valuables,  i.e., money paid and by analogy, esteem (especially of the highest degrees) or dignity and the word is also translated “precious.”

Lest you misunderstand, let me say that we Christians always give the honour back to the Lord, for we are what we are by the grace of God.  In a worldly sense, it is customary for those who are in the entertainment industry to receive honor and keep that honor.  Musicians, actors and actresses, sports heroes that are dishonorable in their lives are not worthy of “honor” and yet when we follow their lives, buy their products, go to their movies etc., we are giving them honor.  We are placing a value on them and their work and giving dignity to them when in fact, they are not worthy.  If I bought a dvd of Madonna, I would be placing value on her and giving honor to her.  On a rare occasion will we hear any of these give the honor back to God for their success. They usually keep the honor (including the money) to themselves and have the attitude that “they did it.”

Judges are addressed as “your honor” not because of who they are but because of the position they hold.  

I give here some of those to whom honor is due.

1. The Lord is worthy of all honour glory and praise. Rev, 4:11; 5:12  Let me tell why: He paid the highest price for our salvation and no one else could do this.  He is worthy of all honour because no one else could shed sinless blood for the sin of mankind.  No one else could forgive sins. He is worthy of all honour and those who are truly saved understand the value, the cost of our salvation which causes us to give the honor back to God for His great gift to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

2. Parents are worthy of honor and one of the Ten Commandments is given to children to honor their parents.  Ex. 20:12; Eph. 6:2 among other verses give this command to children. Children are to give honor, value, dignity, esteem to their parents and God promises to bless that person.

3. Preachers of the Word are to be honored, as we did Bro. Rawles. 1Tim. 5:17  The Church gave my wife and I a monetary gift (honorarium) for our 23 rd. anniversary here.

4. A person that lives above reproach is worthy of honor.  Prov. 21:21: 2Tim. 2:19-22; Romans 2:7-11 and 1 Thess. 4:4

5. A gracious woman is worthy of honor. Prov. 11:16   Gracious means kindness and pleasantness.   1 Peter 3:7 tells husbands to give “honour” to his wife, meaning treating her as precious, valuable as the weaker vessel.  Of course, the wife is told to reverence her husband, Eph.5:33

6. Finally, any honor we receive goes back to the Lord. When we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, we honor Him.  When we serve Him with gladness faithfully, we honor Him.  When we pay the price of living holy lives, we honor Him. When we determine to win over the world, the flesh and the devil, we honor Him.  WE DISHONOR THE LORD WHEN WE DO NOT PLACE A HIGH VALUE ON LIVIN OUR LIVES FOR HIS HONOR. 

When a Christian gets out of Church, God is dishonored; When a Christian gets in sin, God is dishonored. When a Christian is not faithful to the things of God, God is dishonored.  When God is dishonored, it simply means we place a lower or low value on Him and show it by our attitude and actions.  We honor God by paying the price of living honorable lives for His glory.

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