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A Tearless Society

One of the greatest losses of our American Society is the LOSS OF TEARS.  It is a tragic loss that goes deeper than the eyes to the heart.  In Luke 19:35 we see that when Jesus came near to Jerusalem, “He beheld the city, and wept over it…”  In John 11:35 Lazarus had died and even though Jesus was going to raise him from the dead, the Bible says, “Jesus wept.”  The implication in Hebrews 4:15 where we see Jesus “is touched with the feeling of our infirmities” is that He sheds tears over our infirmities and our time of need.  Losing the ability to weep is not usually a physical thing.  There is a connection between the heart and the ability to shed tears.  In 1 Cor. 5:2, the people should have mourned, but they were puffed up with pride and it robbed them of the brokenness that would bring tears.  In James 4:9 sinners are told to “be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: Let your laughter be turned to mourning, and your joy to heaviness.”  Their heart problem revealed itself in their tearless condition.

Look at Psalm 56:8 and notice “put thou my tears into they bottle.” Notice as well, “are they not in thy Book?” There is a record of our every tear.  In that time, it was a custom where friends would take a “tear bottle” to catch the tears off the cheek, to keep as a memorial… and David is referring to God keeping his tears in “thy bottle” and recording them in a book for memorial.  That is not strange considering Rev. 5:8 and 8:3-4.  In Luke 7:38,44 Mary “washed His feet with tears.” I do not believe God keeps or records just any kind of tears, but I do believe tears speak the language of the heart. Prov. 4:23 states, “Keep they heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

Sadly, we are becoming a tearless society and it is a revealing of the heart of the nation.  There is a connection between a hardened heart and the absence of tears.  I believe that we have been deadened as a nation and robbed of our tears through the blood and guts pouring out of the entertainment industry and into the hearts of people.  There are at least three major things missing in our nation that result in a tearless society.

1. Compassion. Psalm 126:5-6  Here we see that those of us who are saved are brought to tears by the condition of the lost.  It is not normal for a saved person to not be compassionate toward the lost. Jude 22 speaks of having compassion on the lost! It even states that it makes a difference.

2. Conviction.  In Luke 22:61-62 Peter was brought to tears showing us that conviction in the heart of man brings tears. Hebrews 12:17

3. Conscience. Tears, Genuine tears of remorse speak of conscience. In Luke 22, Peter came under conviction because his conscience was bothering him. Jesus told him that he would deny Him three times before the cock crows.  Immediately after Peter denied the third time, the cock crowed and his conscience began to speak to him. He went out and wept bitterly.  Vs. 61 tells us “and the Lord turned, and looked upon Peter, and Peter remembered…” 

God has designed man to have tears. I have often said that “When God squeezes the heart, juice comes out the eyes.”  Is God squeezing your heart with conviction, conscience or compassion?  In 2 Ki. 20:5, God told Hezekiah, “I have heard thy prayer: I have seen thy tears…”

Tears are a language God understands!  Our tearless society reveals that our nation is losing compassion; losing conscience and losing conviction before God.  If this nation ever comes back to the God of the Bible, it will be washed with the tears of God’s people and God will see our tears and answer our prayers.

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