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Defending The Borders

This article is to Bible believing Christians. It deals with Holiness. After a person becomes a child of God through "Repentance toward God, and Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 20:21), the primary desire of his life ought to be Holiness. Of course we can never become sinless, but we should have a desire to sin less. II Corinthians 5:17 says that "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." I Peter 1:13-16 admonishes us to be as "Obedient children" and to "Be ye Holy for I am Holy." A large percentage of the New Testament is focused on living Godly in Christ Jesus. Holiness in the life of a Christian is a valuable commodity. The way to protect this valued Holiness is by DEFENDING THE BORDERS!


Any military leader knows that once the integrity of the BORDER is threatened, the potential for loss is multiplied. When the battle is being fought in the interior, Peace is Gone, Prosperity is Halted and the Population is Endangered. There has never been a war on American soil in my life-time because our excellent military has DEFINED and DEFENDED OUR BORDERS.

Now let me spiritualize the illustration. If Holiness is the valued interior, then we must define some borders in our lives that will protect that Holy walk. For example, consider Sexual Holiness. The Bible Holiness standard is: Each man is to have only one woman (and vice versa) per lifetime. Now if we place our border at the bed, then the slightest battle loss will be significant. Consider the value of defining a border far out from the bed such as: " I will not allow my mind to think lustful thoughts, nor will I be alone with a member of the attracting sex, nor will I touch or be touched in a sexual way, nor will I listen to media that would encourage this type of activity." This border will not only keep safe the Holiness, it will make the battle much easier to win consistently. Consider these borders that some of my acquaintances have set for themselves and their families:

Holiness of the eye gate and ear gate: They do not watch TV, Video movies, or listen to popular Music.

Holiness in personal relationships: They associate with Godly people, although friendly to everyone.

Holiness of testimony: They avoid the beach, and the video store among other questionable places.

Holiness of thoughts: They stop sinful impulses at the thought level. "If I never think it, I will never do it."

Christians, too long we have been losing valuables in battle. I believe one of the main reasons is that we have chosen the wrong places to fight the battles. Let’s abstain from Worldliness, die to the Flesh and resist the Devil. Claim or re-claim some ground for the Glory of God and DEFEND THE BORDERS.

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