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This may sound like a strange subject for this season, however, we must realize that if there were no sin in the world, there would be no need of a Saviour. Sin necessitates a response from God and that response is to provide a Saviour. Sin is one of the most often mentioned subjects of Scripture and is referred to by many names. Sin was the instrument of choice of Satan. It was he that introduced sin to Adam and Eve and by them passed to every human. The celebration of the birth of Christ would have no value were it not for the mission of Christ in coming to the Earth. Heb. 9:26 tells us Christ "now once appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself." Many other Scriptures tell us why Jesus came to the Earth. Actually, the focus of Christ's birth is on Calvary, not the cradle. If there was no Cross for Christ to bear, there would be little to celebrate in His birth.

While we are going through the traditions of the season, do not forget WHY JESUS CAME!

  1. Jesus came to destroy sin in His own body.
  2. Jesus came to save us from our own sinful nature.
  3. Jesus came to bear our sin in His own body on the cross.
  4. Jesus came to die in our place for sin.
  5. Jesus came to take away sin which is against all of us.
  6. Jesus came to cleanse every believer from the sin that condemns us.
  7. Jesus came to satisfy the just demands of God's law concerning sin.
  8. Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, which are sin and death.
  9. Jesus came to do what no one else could ever do and that is die for you and I that we might live forever with the LORD.

What happens to sin when a person receives Christ as the Saviour? It is cast behind God's back; It is cast into the sea, cleansed, covered, forgiven, hid, not mentioned ever again, nailed to His cross, not seen again, not remembered again ever, put away from us, pardoned, purged, remitted, removed, sealed in a bag, washed, taken away, made white as! Have you gone beyond the cradle and met Him at the Cross in repentance and faith? THAT IS WHY HE CAME!

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