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Revival at Faith

Another Revival has passed with God’s blessing. We had several saved this week. Most nights the building was filled and chairs added. The last night, over 200 people came to the altars and not one person was left in the pews. Each message was timely and touching. Both Brother Wright and Brother Kidd were a great blessing to us as usual. Brother Wright has been with us in Revival 23 years straight and Brother Kidd has been with us for the last 15 years straight.

If Sunday night was an indication of True Revival, it will last longer than a day, week, month or year. On Wednesday night, I gave some thoughts from Luke 24 which I titled, “What now? Where to go from here?” Luke 24 gives the account of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. We see in vs. 1-3 His empty tomb; v14 their engrossment in the events; v15 their encounter; v17 their emptiness; v21 their expectation erased; v27 His exposition of Scriptures; v31 their enlightment, v32 their elation, and FINALLY, V 33-53 HIS EFFECT ON THEIR LIVES. True Revival will result in a Change that Reveals itself in our response.

  1. In verse 32 They were TOUCHED in their heart. True Revival will ignite, kindle a fire in true believers.
  2. In verse 33 They were TURNED around in their direction. Notice in verse 13, “Two of them went…to a village called Emmaus.” It was about 6.5 miles from Jerusalem. In v.33 “They rose up the same hour and returned to Jerusalem.” People who have lost purpose and direction can get turned around in Revival.
  3. In verse 33, They were gathered TOGETHER again! They got back in the crowd, the Church! Believe it or not, some people need a stirring Revival often to keep them faithful in Church? Why did these two leave the eleven in Jerusalem? If Christ had not appeared to them, how long would they have stayed and where would they go from there?
  4. Finally, and sadly, Some people were TALKED out of the Victory of Revival. Look at John 6:63-67 and 1 Peter 5:8-9. I think it safe to say that Satanic deception would be in high gear during a Revival effort, and some people fall for it and miss the will of God for their lives. Where will you go from here? What is NEXT in your life?

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