Winter Revival, January 2004

Many people have never been to a Revival Service and others have been to services that were called "Revival," but were actually something other than revival. We just completed 8 days of Revival, Sunday through Sunday. We started Sunday the 11th with Dr. Charles E. Wright, Pastor Emeritus of Peoples Baptist Church, McDonough, Ga. He preached Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Dr. Phil Kidd preached Wednesday through Sunday. The services were very well attended with extra chairs needed for most of the services. We had visitors from Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia and of course, Florida. Both guest Preachers were right on target with messages that were directed mostly to Christians and the spirit of Revival. The altars were full for most of the services and on several occasions there was no room between the altars and front pews. Several Christians rededicated their lives to the Lord and eleven precious souls were saved. A young lady from Santa Rosa Beach was saved on Tuesday night. Two ladies from Milton were saved later in the week. On Friday night, three of the OWCC Ladies Basketball team were saved and another rededicated her life to the Lord. A lady in our Church was saved as well. She had made a profession of faith at the age of five, yet did not understand at the time and had no peace with God. One of our members had to be in Sarasota during revival and called in from his cell phone. His dad asked what he was doing and wanted listen. He listened to the whole message by phone and afterward got saved! To God be the glory! A couple called the Church for help on Friday and I agreed to help. They got saved Friday night. Another man was in the hospital in Pensacola facing heart surgery. We went to see him and have prayer before the surgery. He got gloriously saved as well and cannot wait to be in Church. His wife got saved at our Christmas party December 19th. I went into a business in Niceville to get advertising materials for the revival and a young couple was interested in the Revival. They came and she rededicated her life to the Lord. They are still coming to Church. A man just a few houses from the Church visited and rededicated his life to the Lord as well. He was saved 18 years ago and his wife had died 8 years ago. His life has gone down since, and yet he has a new outlook on life!

We are thrilled that God is still on His Throne; Souls are still being saved and lives are still being changed by the Word and Power of God!

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