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Preservation of the Scriptures Part 3

Years ago, I wrote an 11 part series of articles on the subject of Bible translations. At the end of the series, I gave a list of study materials suggested for the subject. I am going to reprint them here and I will also have the series of articles posted on our website in our article archive in the near future

  1. "Which Bible" and "True or False" edited by David Otis Fuller
  2. "New Age Bible Versions", G. A. Riplinger
  3. "Things That Are Different Are Not The Same", Dr. Mickey Carter
  4. Several by David W. Cloud: "Unholy Hands On God's Holy Book", "Myths About The King James Bible" numbers 1,2,3,4,5; "Dynamic Equivalency" and "A Most Frightful Deception"
  5. "Let's Weigh The Evidence", Barry Barton
  6. "God Only Wrote One Bible", J.J. Ray
  7. "King James Bible Defended", Dr. Edward F. Hills
  8. "Myths of Early Revisions", David F. Reagan
  9. "Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions", Paul Freeman
  10. "A Critical Examination of the NASB", D.K. Madden
  11. "From the NASV to the KJV" Dr. Frank Logsdon

There have been many more written since that time, but these should suffice for the time for those who are interested. Please visit our website address given above and watch for the full series on the subject.

Two things constitute the flood of new versions. Fame and Fortune. The underlying force behind this is none other than Satan himself. Satan knows that if he can weaken the Word of God, he can weaken the work of God as well as the people of God. In Matt. 4, Jesus met the attack of Satan upon the Word of God with this statement: "MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE, BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD."

May God bless your study of His Holy, Infallible, incorruptible Word!

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