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Overcoming and Potential for Greatness

In Exodus 3:1-12 we have the account of Moses', "Burning Bush Experience." It burned but was not consumed. God used this to get Moses' attention. It would help to know that Moses is now 80 years old! He spent his first 40 years learning to be somebody. He spent the next 40 years learning to be nobody. He will spend the next 40 years leading Israel out of Egypt. See (Acts 7:17-37) The life of Moses looks like a failure when you consider where he was raised, how he ran, and how he failed to go into the promised land, yet his is one of the most often used names by God. What do you think Moses was thinking all those forty years he lived on the backside of the desert? One incident in his life took him there, yet all the training of the first forty, all the toil of the second forty, and all the trials of the third forty did not keep him from greatness. As a type of Christ, Moses had to be an overcomer.

  • He had to overcome upbringing. Exodus 2:9-10
  • He had to overcome failure. Exodus 2:11-12
  • He had to overcome rejection. Exodus 2:13-15
  • He had to overcome guilt with depression. Exodus 2:15 Notice: "And he sat down by a well." This is a place of reflection.
  • He had to endure the testing of his attitude. Exodus 2:16-17
  • He could not allow the circumstances to steal his character!
  • He had to practice patience. Exodus 2:21-23 This was going to be needed for the task he has coming.
  • He had to overcome human reasoning in regard to his age. Exodus 7:7 tells us he is eighty years old when he confronts Pharaoh.
  • He had to overcome low self-esteem. Exodus 3:10-11. "Who am I?" Exodus 4:10-13. Please read these verses!
  • He had to overcome ridicule. Exodus 4:19-26 Heb. 11:24-26 "By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh's daughter; Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt: For he had respect into the recompense of the reward."

We would never read these words about Moses had he not been an overcomer. The potential for greatness is not hindered, rather it is helped by the things we have to overcome by the grace of God. No matter how long you have lived on the backside of the desert, God can use you if you will determine to be an overcomer!

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