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Masonic Lodge (Part 21)

Part 21

Below is a partial list of books, articles and tapes for your study on Freemasonry. I have place a * by those which would be more comprehensive.

Morals and Dogma; * Pike, Albert
Forth Reich of the Rich; Griffin, Des
En Route to Global Occupation; * Kah, Gary H.
Proofs of a Conspiracy * Robinson, John
New World Order; * Still, William T.
The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge; * Ankerberg & Weldon
Bowing of Strange Alters: * Ankerberg & Weldon
The Truth About Masons; * Morey, Robert
What You Need To Know About Masons * Decker, Ed
Hidden Secrets of Masonry; * Burns, Cathy
The Lost Keys of Freemasonry;   Hall, Manley P.
Masonry Beyond The Light; * Schnoebelen, William
Wicca;   Schnoebelen, William
Lucifer Dethroned;   Schnoebelen, William
Coll's Masonic Encyclopedia;   Coll, Henry Wilson
How to Respond to...The Lodge;   Rongstad, L. James
Guardian's of the Grail;   Church, J.R.
The New World Order; * Epperson, Ralph
The Unseen Hand;   Epperson, Ralph
World Revolution;   Webster, Nesta H.
Satan's Angels Exposed;   Kirban, Salem
The Rise of The Antichrist;   Kirban, Salem
Mystery Mark of the New Age;   Marrs, Texe
Dark Majesty; * Marrs, Texe
Macoy Pub. & Masonic cat. 1993-1994    
Masonic Bible, Published by the John A. Hertel Co., Chicago, 1923

This is by no means a complete list. Check bibliographies for additional titles.

P.S. You will find that many of the books containing sensitive material on the subject of Freemasonry have mysteriously and systematically vanished from the shelves of our nation's libraries. After 100s of hours and 1,000s of pages, I now know why!

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