Masonic Lodge (Part 20)

Part 20

Today, I would like to make a number of clarifications in concluding this series. "My answer to Mr. Fowler's open letter will be given soon). I have been challenged on a few points, which, I would like to clarify briefly.

1. The quote attributed to Albert Pike (Article 7) has been said to be a forgery by Leo Taxil. I only found one author who brought out the alleged forgery. The Book "A Pilgrims Path" by John Robinson to my knowledge was not out yet but was advertised in the Fall McCoy catalog, "Coming in October, 1993". It doesn't really matter at this point. Pike was a Luciferian (that is why it could be attributed to him with success) as well as Manly P. Hall and other speaking for Masonry.

2. May 1, 1776. The date on the "One Dollar Bill" (also Article 7) does not include "May 1". Again, the dual application of symbol is seen here. To those of us who are "Patriots". It means July 4, 1776, but to those who designed the seal with all its symbolism in Masonry and illuminism, It is the birth of the "illuminati". Neither can be prove, but the symbols point more to latter than the former. I also have quotes making these connections. It is a point which could be argued from either side.

3. All-seeing Eye. Again we have a dual meaning. Since Masonry rejects Christianity as the only valid way to God, it would be foolish to make it a "Christian symbol". In fact, it is explained in various Masonic writings as the Eye of the Horus, or Eye of Osiris or it can represent SHIVA! On page 15 of Macoys 1993-94 catalog I see a book by T.M. Stewart advertised titled: "Symbolism of the Gods of The Egyptians". Here is what is said about the book: "The author puts forward a strong case for ancient Egyptian symbolic teaching and how it has influenced modern day Masonic symbolism, many thoughtful Masons agree that the officer of a Masonic Lodge also represent different aspects of man; his spirit, soul, intelligence, etc. and that FREEMASONRY HAS DRAWN ON ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MYSTERY TEACHING FOR ITS SYMBOLISM." (emphasis mine). To make it a "Christian" symbol is stretching it a bit.

4. Antelucan. For what defendable purpose would freemasonry have a different calendar, using A.D. and A.L? It certainly has nothing to do with Christians meeting before dawn. I quote here William Still's book "New World Order" Hunnington House Inc. P.P. 31-33. "Masons don't count their years from the year of Christ's death because for a rather curious reason, they consider it a tragedy. In their initiation ceremony for the eighteenth degree, the Knight of the Rose Crucis, also known as the Rose Croix, the Red Cross, or the "Rosicrucians" Masons symbolically drape the lodge room in black and sit on the floor in silence resting their heads in their arms in mock grief around an alter above which are three crosses. They grieve not for the death of the Son of God, but, according to the French Masonic historian Abbe' Augusten de Barruel, they symbolically mourn because the day Jesus was crucified was the day Christianity was born, ever to be the antagonist of Masonry: "It is the...time when the veil of the temple was rent asunder, when darkness and consternation was spread over the earth, when light was darkened, when the implements of Masonry were broke, when the flaming star disappeared, when the cubic stone was broken, when the word was lost."

5. Novus Ordo Seclorum. It does not translate: New World order. However, given the fact that the emblem was adopted by the founder of illuminati and placed on the Dollar by the "New Deal" President, it symbolizes the coming "New World Order".

6. Astrology. I made the connection based on God's Eternal Word that Forbids worship of the heavens and those who make gods of the heavenlys. Please see Isaiah 47:12-15. There is enough evidence in Masonry to differentiate between astrology and astronomy. Pike's "Morals and Dogma" is full of the kind of astrology which God condemns.

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