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Masonic Lodge (Part 16)

Part 16

Note: I plan to give a list of reading materials at the conclusion of this series for those interested in deeper study. The "Christian Mason" should realize by now that he is in fellowship with a vast number of people who aren't Christian, and in fact are anti-Christian.

Waite said: "Masonry numbers now all classes of SPIRITUALISTS, disciples of Swedenborg, representatives of modern school of OCCULT though and even convinced mystics, not to speak of every shade of opinion in churches and sects."

Masonry is itself a religion! Many Masons deny this, but Albert Mackey, one of the most revered Masonic authors, writes about "The RELIGION of Freemasonry." He tells us: "Look at its (Freemasonry) ancient landmarks, its sublime ceremonies, its profound symbols and allegories - all inculcation RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE, commanding RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE, and teaching RELIGIOUS truth and who can deny that it is eminently a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION?... Masonry then, is indeed a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION: and on this ground mainly, if not alone should the religious Mason defend it."

Anderson calls Masonry, "a spiritual quest." Pike proclaimed: "Every Masonic Lodge is a TEMPLE OF RELIGION, and its teachings are INSTRUCTION IN RELIGION." Waite says: "true Masonry remains a Church of God", and Pike states: "Masonry is a worship." After all, masons go to a Masonic TEMPLE, they WORSHIP at an ALTAR, they KNEEL before a SUPREME BEING and they SWEAR upon the "VOLUME OF SACRED LAW," whether it be a Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, or any other "scripture" that is acceptable to the majority of the people within the lodge.

Oh yes, a Bible is there, but only as a symbol. Waite said "the Bible in the Lodge of the Entered Apprentice is not of religious acceptance as understood by the Adepts..."

The question is still this: Are Freemasonry and Christianity compatible?

Since Christianity is a religion as well as Masonry, is there any conflict between the two? Darrah tells us: "There never has been any conflict between the Church and Freemasonry, nor is there a single principle inculcated by the various Christian societies of the world for which Freemasonry does not contend".

However, when we study Masonic literature, it is evident that there are definite conflicts between Christianity and Masonry! Actually, Freemasonry is supposed to take the place of the Church and work of Christ upon the Cross! Consider the Blue Lodge (First three degrees):

1st degree: symbolically represents "portrayal of the entrance of all men into, first, physical life, and second, into spiritual life...". Wilmshurst, he also states that it corresponds to Baptism...meaning that Masons actually claim that turning to Masonry is EQUIVALENT to a sinner repenting and being baptized! Waite believes that in the first degree the candidate has been born anew"...(without Christ I might add) and "is restored to light ...and...he is told subsequently that HE IS THE CORNERSTONE of a new foundation from which HE MUST BUILD HIMSELF..."Where oh where I venture to ask, does that put JESUS CHRIST THE TRUE CORNERSTONE? I SUGGEST YOU READ 1 PETER 2:7-8; PSALM 118:22; MATT 21:42; MARK 12:10; LUKE 20:17; ACTS 4:11 AND 1 COR. 3:11. IF IT SUPPLANTS OR LEAVES JESUS CHRIST OUT, IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE.

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