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Masonic Lodge (Part 11)

Part 11

I had good intentions of beginning to answer the SBC question today on the compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity. However, the Mini Page of our local paper Wednesday, Sept 8, 1993 focused on "OUR CAPITOL'S BIRTHDAY." It tells of the laying of the Cornerstone by George Washington. It also says, "He was a member of the Freemasons, a group that arranged for the ceremony. This group's purpose is to build brotherhood and character.: It also indicates that "Experts have been looking and looking for the Capitol's corner stone...The Capitol has grown so much that finding the cornerstone has been a big challenge."

That may be solved by studying the Capitol building in relation to the rest of Washington, D.C. which is laid out according to Masonic symbols.

Now, please get a detailed map of D.C. and see if you can find how deeply our Nation's Capitol has been influenced by the occult symbols of Freemasonry. The City was actually laid out according to key Masonic symbols! The Square, Compass, Rule and Pentagram are there as plain as the nose on your face.

Facing the Capitol from the Mall, use the Capitol as the head or top of the Compass. The left leg is Pennsylvania Ave. and the right leg is Maryland Ave. The Square is found with the intersection of Canal St and Louisiana Ave. The left leg of the Compass stands on the White House and the right leg on the Jefferson memorial.. The circle drive and short streets behind the Capitol form the head and ears. This is the Satanist's "Goat of Mendes" Goat's head. On top of the White House is an inverted 5 pointed star, (Pentagram). The point is facing South (occult). The center of the pentagram is 16th Street and thirteen (13) blocks due North of the very center of the White House sits the MASONIC HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE! The Washington Monument stands in perfect line to the intersecting point of the form of the Masonic Square. The Washington Monument represents the Phallic Principle upon which Speculative Masonry is based. From above, the monument and its circular drive form the esoteric Masonic "Point within a circle." This was explained by Masonic Writer Mackey: 'The point within a circle is an interesting and important symbol in Freemasonry...The Phallus was an imitation of the male generative organ. It was represented usually by a column, which was surrounded by a circle at it's base, intend for the cleis, or female generative organ. This union of the Phallus and the Cleis, which is well represented by the point within the circle, was intended by the ancients as a type of the prolific powers of nature which they worshipped under the united form of the active or male principle and the passive or female principle." MACKEY'S MASONIC RITUALIST, (pp 62-63).

On a map of D.C. you can find an inverted pentagram with its South point landing on the White House and the House of the Temple exactly 13 blocks north. That may not mean much to you, but to those who planned it all, it means an open door to the President of the United States of America. In other words, the plan all along has been an invasion of the powers of darkness against our Christian nation and you and I have lived to see it.

If you are not a Christian, may I suggest you consider that in the near future, these same planners have plans for you. However, the only safe alternative is a genuine experience with the One and Only Saviour, Jesus Christ The Lord. John 8:12

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