Masonic Lodge (Part 9)

Part 9

Please realize that there are so many "good rabbit trails." In this study that it is hard to continue down one path without being tempted to turn down another along the way. Each time I encounter this, I am forced to come back to the original goal. Therefore, I urge you to pickup the sideline subjects and see for yourself where they lead.

For example: In studying Freemasonry you should study the connections of these also: Isalm, Illuminati, New World Order, the CFR, UN, COMMUNISM, FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, CENTRAL BANK, ROUND TABLE GROUPS, Witchcraft connection, NEW AGE, etc.

The Following chart is found in Gary H. Kah's book, "EN ROUTE TO GLOBAL OCCUPATION." p.94 Hunington House Publishers, P.O. Box 53788, LaFayette, La. 70505.

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