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Liberal verses Conservative - Part 2

My wife and I were excited to be a part of the crowd welcoming President Bush to Niceville. Emotions were high. Our ears were tuned to hear that which defines where we stand on important issues facing our Nation. We went to the rally knowing that the President was in agreement with most of our positions. It was refreshing as well to have our friend Ray Sansom call on a local Pastor to pray at the beginning of the rally. The prayer was offered "in Christ name." There is compatibility between the name of Jesus and the conservative political position. There is incompatibility between the name of Jesus and the liberal views on subjects such as sodomite marriage, embryonic stem cell research and abortion. The liberal position seeks to place in society as acceptable those views that cannot be defended in the Holy Scriptures. The Conservative position however, seeks to prevent those unscriptural views from becoming the law of the land. I have had several people over the last few years tell me,"I do not believe it is right for you conservatives to try to legislate morality and push your views down our throats." Could I say that we conservative do not believe it is right for the liberals to try legislate immorality and push their views down our throats. At least we can claim and prove that our position is the position, not only of the founding fathers, but also of the Nation for the better part of its existence. The so-called "separation of Church and state clause" does not exist, except in the minds of those who do not want God and His Word to be our guide in matters of morality, Faith, and practice. In the Old Testament, the only time there was a "separation of (God) Church and State" was when God pulled away from His people because of their liberal theology. Psalm 9:17 states, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God." How does a nation forget God? They leave God out of their government. They leave God out of their laws. They leave God out of their institutions and learning. They leave God out of their way of living. They deny Him the supreme place of leadership in all matters of Faith, practice, and morality by denying His Word the place of absolute authority in both public and private matters. Please read 2 Chronicles 20:1-30

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