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Holy Laughter

The article today is prompted by the Daily News (AP) article "Churches laughing way to God" on Monday September 2nd. I have been asked many times recently, "Have you heard about what is happening at Brownsville?" I have heard some of what is reported to be happening there. I haven't been there and I have not had a TV in ten years, so I have not seen what is happening there first hand. It is reported to us that two things called "holy laughter" and "holy bows" are happening there. I was told by a man who frequently goes there that in the case of the so-called "holy bows" one is touched by the Spirit and begins to bow for hours uncontrollably. Many times in Church when one begins this experience and touches another seated by, that one also begins experiencing the "holy bows."

I am sure that I will be accused of blaspheming the Holy Ghost at this point, but in all honesty friends, there is not one verse of Scripture wherewith we may credit these two experiences to the God of the Bible. NOW BACK TO THE ARTICLE.

In the article, Evelin Reeve states, "IT COMES OUT OF YOUR BELLY...I go for hours." On down in the article Pastor Ken Strader says, "YOU HAVE TO TURN YOUR HEAD OFF." I don't know about you friend, but I am not going to turn my head off to have any experience! If I am reading and understanding right, I think he means you have to quit thinking. Also, he must mean we have to ignore what the Bible says in order to have this "holy laughter" experience. Friend, If you turn your head off, I am sure you can do anything. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THAT IS, WE ARE NOT WILLING TO TURN OIJR HEADS OFF!


I asked a participant recently, "Do you have any Scripture to back up the experience?" I was told that it was explained(by Rodney Howard-Browne?) that in Acts 2:13 and v 15 it is thought that they were acting like they were drunk and were obviously laughing. Well now friends, weren't we told what they were doing in v.11? "...we do hear them speak the wonderful works of God." Even if the mockers in verse 13 thought they were laughing, the fact is, they were speaking. Further down in the Daily News article it is stated that the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church was expelled from the Vineyard organization, "because of the animal noises worshipers were making." SORRY FOLKS. WE ARE NOT GOING TO "TURN OUR HEADS OFF" IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE "HOLY LAUGHTER", "HOLY DANCE" OR "HOLY BOWS."

It is all "man made", and anything man-made is destined to come to an end. As soon as the new wears off, new experiences will be presented to those who have "turned their heads off." What will folks be doing next in the name of God?

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