Intelligent Design - Part 3

There are many subjects that could be addressed here, but time and space will not allow. Here is a sampling that should be considered:

  1. Where are the billions of transtitional fossils that should exist if the theory of evolution is correct?
  2. What evidence is there that information, such as DNA, could ever assemble itself?
  3. How did sexual reproduction evolve?
  4. If the big bang occurred, whre did all the information around us and in us come from? Has an explosion ever created order?
  5. Why do so many of the earth's ancient cultures have flood legends?
  6. Where did matter, space, time, and energy come from?
  7. Can evolution explain these?
    • The Grand Canyon.
    • Continental Shelves and Slopes.
    • Ocean Trenches.
    • Coal and Oil formations.
    • Fossil Graveyards.
    • Geologic columns.
  8. Can a state of disorder become a state of order without an intelligent force executing it?

If I took all the parts to my watch and put them in a bag and shook the bag, how long would it take for the watch to be assembled in a workable condition? That does not even take into consideration that the parts had to be designed correctly in the first place by some intelligent designer?

What about the fossils? Evolutionist assume fossils can be dated by where they are found in the strata and that strata can be dated by their fossils. (Unintelligent design of circular reasoning.) Evolutionists believe certain fossils an be used as "index fossils" indicating the estimated age of rock strata. The result is that when index fossils from two different time periods are found in the same strata, they have a problem. Added to that is the fact that rock strata is not always found in the order the evolutionists expect. Rock sequences exists with the older strata on top of the "younger" strata. (This is explained by the Biblical flood.)

According to evolutionist, coal was formed about 300 million years ago, however these items have been documented to be found in coal: a small steel tube, an iron pot, an iron instrument, a nail, a bell shaped metal vessel, a bell, a jawbone of a child, a human skull, two human molars, and a fossilized leg. And to cap all this off, Polystrate fossils, large fossils such as trees, dinosaurs, and fish extend through several strata. That is a problem for the evolutionist.

Believing the Bible would solve all these problems! God is the intelligent designer. Heb 11:3 "Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of thing which do appear."

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