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Intelligent Design

Several weeks ago Del Stone Wrote an article attacking ID. Peppered in his article was a number of remarks typical of Mr. Stone, designed to stir up response. I am of the opinion that he has to do that or his piece would be a non event. I classify his piece as an "Unintelligent Denial." For Stone to claim ID is an invention of the Discovery Institute is absurd.

Saints of God of all the ages have believed in intelligent design. Psalm 139:14 states, "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." Many of the great discoveries of history and science have been made through The Word of God. (The earth is round seen in Isa. 40:22; The tilt of the Earth on it's axis seen in 2 Kings 20:9-11; The stars singing and the ordinances of heaven Job 38:7,33) We could go on but suffice it to say, Gen. 1:1 "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." Stone brings up the "notorious Ica stones" fraud, yet I must point out that there have been numerous frauds on the evolution side. Fact is, it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in Intelligent design. Stone states, "Science allows for the likelihood that Darwin's theory is incomplete. It allows for the likelihood that better technology and testing techniques will resolve those flaws." The fact is that the more it is tested, the less it is trusted!

Let's take the two laws of Thermodynamics and apply them to the evolution theory. (These are accepted by Stone's scientists) The first is known as the Law of Energy Conservation. It states that energy can be converted from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed. This law alone proves that the Universe did not create itself ! There is no innovation, only conservation of Energy. This works against evolution. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is The Law of Energy Decay. This works against evolution as well. It means that all systems left to themselves move toward decay, ie the universe is in a state of increasing decay and disorder (entropy). Evolution requires billions of years of constant violations of this law. What this law requires is a point in time in the past when all these systems were perfect, where the available energy equaled total energy! Conclusion: Since energy cannot create itself, the only possible answer is Intelligent Design!

The evolutionist have it backwards...from monkey to man, from lower order to higher order in total disregard to the 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics which they accept. Romans 1:18-22. "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." Psalms 14:1. To be continued...

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