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Giving Place To The Devil

Please read Eph. 4:20 - 5:2. Eph 4:27 states, "Neither give place to the devil." Look at Eph. 6:10-18 and notice the words, "withstand", "stand", "stand therefore." James 4:6-10 gives instruction to believers to resist the devil, draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh unto you. It is unscriptural for Christians to give the devil place to work his will in our lives. "Place" means: a spot, location, as a position, fig. an opportunity, and is also translated "license, room, etc." All through the Scriptures we have the admonition to be steadfast, unmovable, be strong, watch ye, faint not and such things. Ps. 46:10 says, "Be still, and know that I am God." How can you change your situation without changing your location?

  1. Start where you are. Change your attitude. Change the things you can change and leave the rest to God. Ja. 1:2-12; 1Pet. 4:12-14. You may not be able to change your situation, but changing your attitude is most of the victory anyway.
  2. See the potential where you are. If you cannot see the potential where you are, you probably will not see it where you are going. We lose sight of the potential when we focus on the problem. John 4:35
  3. Stay where you are. Do not run from your problem. Resist the not allow the devil to dictate the will of God for you. Sometimes we must move on, but always with God's leading and never because we are losing the battle to Satan.
  4. Stand upon Godly, biblical principles where you are. If you will not stand where you are, you will not stand where you are going. Biblical principles never change with location. What is right in Niceville, is right in Papua N.G. and what is wrong here is wrong there.
  5. Serve where you are. Find something to do for God's glory where you are. If you cannot find something to do for the Lord here, you probably will not find anything to do where you are going. The least you and I can do is to present our bodies a living sacrifice and after we have done that, the opportunities to serve will come our way.
  6. Sing where you are. Ps. 92:1; Ps. 95:1; Ps. 96:1; Ps. 98:1; Ps. 101:1; and Acts 16 as well as many others. Sing through your circumstances. Make the best of the bad situation and God will make the best of you! Do not allow the devil to steal your song. Satan cannot stand songs of Praise and that is where the victory is won.

A lady went to her Pastor and said, "I don't love my husband and he has hurt me and I want to hurt him bad, what should I do?" Pastor: "Here is how to hurt him bad. Go home and treat him great, cater to his every whim: dote on him constantly and act like you love him deeply. When he is totally convinced, divorce him." Two months later the Pastor called: "Are you about ready to divorce him?" "DIVORCE! WHY NO I AM NOT. I DISCOVERED THAT I REALLY LOVE HIM!"

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