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The Colors of Our Flag

By Phil Kidd

I remember as a young boy
Every day when school would start,
We'd stand in allegiance to the flag
With our hand held over our heart.

I memorized its stately look
As it waved on top of the pole,
Blowing free within the wind
As we traveled to and fro.

The colors of the flag seemed bright
with a great artistic glow,
Why did they choose these three colors
I always wanted to know.

I found that red stood for blood
of many soldiers that had died,
That we could retain our freedom
And in it ever more abide.

White revealed the righteousness of God
Who from His throne above,
Established this great nation
In His sovereign work of love.

Blue declares the clearing skies
After the war was done,
Bombs had ceased, guns had stopped
And America again had won.

But today it seems to me
Their meaning may have changed,
These colors could stand for something else
Or maybe even be rearranged.

Red for the embarrassment
Our nation now endures,
For immoral leadership
And other things, I'm sure.

White showing fields of harvest
We have let slip through our hands,
A whole generation of young people
Spiritually dying within our land.

Blue reveals the bruises
Our nation has taken so hard,
Battering its very foundations
Leaving it cut and scarred.

America, I love you!
From sea to shining sea,
But when my grandchildren ask the story
Which one will it be?

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