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The Ministry of Fatherhood

I wrote an artide for Mother's Day titled "The Ministry of Motherhood" and would like to give some thoughts for Father’s Day along the same lines. I recently preached a message here at Faith from Jer. 35. A man named Jonadab lived 300 years prior to this account. He had given a command to his family which was still being honored 300 years later. In Jer. 35 God instructs Jeremiah to bring them into the House of the LORD and set wine before them. They refuse and point to their ancestor Jonadab's command in vs. 10 stating in vs. 10 "have obeyed, and done according to all that Jonadab our father commanded us." Jonadab was a man of wisdom and piety. In 2 Ki. 10:15-16 he is seen spared and riding in the chariot with King Jehu. His character and convictions were still honored 300 years later! We desperately need somemen of conviction, character and conscience in America today who can influence the succeeding generations. Fathers, if we will walk straight, stand tall, speak uprightly, live clean and teach godliness to our families we will extend our influence into the coming. generations. We need a revival of old fashioned fatherhood. Jonadab taught his generations:

1. To live a separated life. " drink no wine". Jeremiah set it before them at God's command, knowing they would refuse.

2. To be stable in the face of ridicule. Can you believe they were still living in tents etc. 300 years later? Everyone else was building, planting and drinking.

3. To live a life of self-denial. Read the chapter and you will see that in every way they had to practice self-denial.

4. Jonadab taught them contentment. "Godliness with contentment is great gain." Paul told Timothy. They were still content 300 years later. Dads, when you put your job before God, you are sowing the seeds of discontentment in your children's lives and it produces disobedience in them.

5. They were taught to live disciplined lives, which is why they weathered storms others were destroyed by.

6. They esteemed Jonadab's name and authority and lived for his God. How else could this be passed from one generation to another for 300 years? Many children could care less about their own father's name and authority, much less some ancestor who lived 300 years ago!

7. Finally, in v.18-19 God makes a promise concerning Jonadab: There would always be someone in Jonadab's lineage standing before God!!!!

Fathers, what lasting impression are you leaving on your children and will they continue after you are gone? "And ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Eph. 6:4


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