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Is Allah Just Another Name For God

I think I understand what our political leaders are attempting to do by their barrage of rhetoric regarding the "true nature" of Islam. I support unity in the US fight against terror; I am behind our President and our forces, I will go and fight if needed; I desire peace on American soil and around the world, but NOT AT THE PRICE OF TRUTH. There is a subtle doctrine being promoted in our press right now that is dangerous. A reader responded to a recent article by urging me to stand behind the President and to not promote division. He informed me that Allah was just "another word for God". Hear me scream: NO! ALLAH AND GOD ARE NOT THE SAME! We have a case of stolen identity here. We must determine the differences between God and Allah by their attributes.

From Foundation Magazine September-October 2001 issue. "No, Christians and Muslims do not worship the same God. Christians worship a God who has declared Himself to mankind through the person and work of Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh. Muslims worship an impersonal god who is so transcendent that he is unknowable. They adamantly reject the fact that Jesus Christ is God. Christians worship a God who saves mankind by His grace through faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Muslims worship a god who requires them to perform a wide variety of works, rites and rituals in order for them to even hope to experience a paradise in the life hereafter. Christians worship a God who indwells them in the person of the Holy Spirit and keeps them secure throughout their lives. Muslims reject any God who indwells them and has such a personal relationship with mankind."

There are religious leaders who are making statements indicating that God and Allah are the same person with two names. That is asinine. I have two friends, both named Mike, but I can tell them apart by their characteristics and attributes. When you say Mike who is married to Caron, I know who that is. When you speak of Mike who is married to Debbie that is a different person.

If your God is the same as Allah described in the Qur'an you are lost; you will be cast into the lake of fire by the angels of God unless you turn to the God of the Bible: for in His Christ alone is salvation.

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