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A Columbine Parent's Speech

A Cradle, A Cross, and A Crown

A Fixed Heart

A Giant in the Faith Goes Home

A Good Soldier

A Happy Life

A Happy Life - Revisited

A Little Leaven

A Living Dog and A Dead Lion!

A Merry Heart

A Moment of Silence

A New Year and A New Start

A Partnership in Business That Should Never Fail

A People Prepared for the Lord

A Place Called Calvary

A Subject I Wish Were Not True

A Tearless Society

A Word Fitly Spoken

Abomination (s)


About Living in The Minority


Abstinence Vows For Young Ladies and Young Men


All That Really Matters

All Thy Getting


America 226 Years Later

America's Declaration of Independence from God, and The Christian's Dependence Upon God

America, 228 Years Later

America, 229 Years Later

America, 235 Years Later

An Empty Life

An End Time Remnant



Are Christians Crazy?

Are Guns the Problem?

Are You Bowing Down to the god of This World?




Baptizing Babies

Barack or the Bible? Was America founded as a Christian nation? Part 2

Battles You Can Never Win

Becoming Weary

Being a Child-like Christian

Being A Fundamentalist Parts 1-4

Being a Habitual Christian

Being Gay

Being Old Enough to Walk Down Memory Lane

Being Prepared For The LORD

Being Thankful

Birth of Christ

Book of Your Life

Bowing Down

Breaking Down The Hedges

Bright Lights In a Dark World

Bumper Stickers



Can God Bless America (Again) ?

Capital Punishment

Casual Christianity

Casual Dress

Caving In To Political Correctness


Child Training

Christ Bringing Division in a Family

Christ: Is He the Redeemer?

Christian Suffering

Christian Suffering - Let Patience Have Her Perfect Work

Christian Witness

Church Finances

Churches Guided By Pulic Opinion

Cleaning Out The Prayer Closet

Coming to Christ

Commitment Beyond Circumstances

Controversial Issues

Controversial Issues Part 2

Controversial Issues Part 3

Conviction, the Work of The Spirit

Creeps In Our Lives



Curse of a Normal Life



Day by Day Living


Dead to Self

Debt Free

Debt, Recovery, and Prosperity

Decisions and Destiny

Defending The Borders

Developing Immunities to the Things of God


Do Chaplains Fear Gays?

Do My Prophets No Harm

Does God Work Through Strength or Weakness?

Doubting Part One

Doubting Part Two

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol Revisited

Drinking Wine

Drug Use





Easter - 2009

Encounters With God

Entitlement Mentality

Escaping The Miserable Life

Eternal Life

Examining Your Profession of Faith



Faith That Grows Exceedingly


Fathers 2005 (Rerun)

Fathers Part 2

Fears of A Preacher

Finding Rest In A Restless World

Finding Rest in a Restless World

Finding Time

Finding Time To Do The Right Thing

Finding Time to Do the Right Thing

First and Last Resurrections

Five Kinds of Investments That Have Spiritual Returns

Folded Hands, Wasted Time and Ruined Lives

Following Christ is More Than a Walk


Forgiving Others

Fornication In The Church

Free Speech, Include God

Fret Not


Fundamentalists That Bother People





Getting Up Again

Getting Up and Starting Over Again

Giving Gifts to The Gift Giver (Updated with Part 2)

Giving Glory To The LORD

Giving Place To The Devil

Glory In The Lord

God Being Forgotten Days Without Number

God is Able

God Is....

God Sees It All

God With Us

God's Blessing and Protection

God's Simple Plan of Salvation

God's Simple Plan of Salvation (Spanish)

God's Well-Pleasing Son

Godly Relationships

Godly Teens

Good Success

Gospels I Wish I Could Preach


Great is The Mystery of Godliness





Happy Thanksgiving

Have I Done My Best for Jesus?

Hearts God Has Touched

Heaven's Sounding Sweeter


Hell - 2

Highlighting the Ministry of Brother Don Drake, Missionary to our Military Worldwide through BIMI

Hireling Preachers

Holy Laughter

Honor To Whom Honor

Horoscope and Fortune Telling

How a Father Can Become The Glory of His Children

How Good People Make Bad Mistakes

How to Get Better When You Could Get Bitter

How to Have A Happy Life



I Need Thee Every Hour

I Want to be King

If you and I Don’t, Somebody Will

In Everything Give Thanks


Indisputable Evidence of Salvation


Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design - Part 3

Intelligent Design - Part II

Interview with Dr. Charles Wright (Updated)

Invisible Church Members

Is Allah Just Another Name For God

Is Christ Formed In You?

Is it Normal Behavior for Men, Young or Old to Look at Pornography?



Jesus: Son of God

Joining the Church of Corinth (Part 1)

Joining the Church of Corinth (Part 2)

Joining the Church of Corinth (Part 3)

Journey of Life



Keeping The Enemy Out of Your Paradise

Keeping Yourselves in the Love of God



Last Year and the New Year (1)

Last Year and the New Year (2)

Lessons Learned Through Trouble

Liberal verses Conservative - Part 1

Liberal verses Conservative - Part 2


Life After Death

Life On Other Planets

Lingering and Looking Back

Living Blameless Though Not Sinless

Living in the Blessing of God

Living in The Land of Uprightness

Living Under The Influence

Living With The Winner Inside

Long Hair

Looking For A Better Country

Lord, Visit This Vine

Lordship of Christ and Life of a Believer

Loving The LORD and Hating Sin




Making a Difference

Making Provision for the Flesh

Making Spiritual Memories?


Marriage is Honorable

Mary: Co-Redeemer?

Mary: Mother of God?

Masonic Lodge (Part 1)

Masonic Lodge (Part 10)

Masonic Lodge (Part 11)

Masonic Lodge (Part 12)

Masonic Lodge (Part 13)

Masonic Lodge (Part 14)

Masonic Lodge (Part 15)

Masonic Lodge (Part 16)

Masonic Lodge (Part 17)

Masonic Lodge (Part 18)

Masonic Lodge (Part 19)

Masonic Lodge (Part 2)

Masonic Lodge (Part 20)

Masonic Lodge (Part 21)

Masonic Lodge (Part 22)

Masonic Lodge (Part 3)

Masonic Lodge (Part 4)

Masonic Lodge (Part 5)

Masonic Lodge (Part 6)

Masonic Lodge (Part 7)

Masonic Lodge (Part 8)

Masonic Lodge (Part 9)

Meeting With God

Men Ought to Always Pray!

Mercy Rejoiceth Against Judgment

Minority Rule

Mistakes Will Take You Down and Out

Modern Day Idol Worship



Motivated by the Master

Mountain Top Experience with God



National Responsibilities

National Unity - Part 1-2

Neither Give Place to The Devil

Nudity (2)

Nudity (Updated)



Offense of the Little Ones

Officers of the Church

Old Testament Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ, The Messiah

Old Time Religion

Organized Religion

Overcoming and Potential for Greatness



Patient Continuance in Well Doing

Personal Witness


Planning the Christian Life

Planted in the House of the Lord



Portrait of a Christian

Power of the Gospel

Prayer Closet and a New Year

Praying Over and Over to be Saved

Premarital Sex

Premarital Sex

Preservation of the Scriptures Part 1

Preservation of the Scriptures Part 2

Preservation of the Scriptures Part 3

Preservations of the Scriptures

Principles of a Great Nation

Principles of Decision Making

Private Interpretations



Public Opinion



Questionable Things




Real Christians

Reaping Tomorrow's Blessings on Today's Battles

Reasoning of Men







Responsibilities of Aged Men

Responsibilities of Aged Women

Responsibilities of Christian Employees

Restoring a Brother

Resurrection of Christ


Revival at Faith

Right Turn Expectations, Left Turn Navigations

Ruling Your Own Spirit






Salvation at Eleventh Hour Christians?

Santa Claus

Santa? Harmless or Hurtful?

Satan and the Flesh of Man



Seven Results of Justification

Shaking Things Off


So You Think You Have Had Enough


Sodomy: Opinion or Biblical Fact?

Some Things Children Need, That Many Don't Get.

Some Things For Which There is No Substitute

Some Things Ivan Can Teach Us

Some Things Satan Cannot Do

Some Things That Should Make God’s People Blush With Shame

Some Things That Will Not Be In Hell

Some Things to Consider As We Approach Christmas And The New Year

Some Things We Should Greatly Fear

Soul Sleep


Speaking in Tongues (1)

Speaking in Tongues (2)


Spiritual Bondage

Spiritual Compromise

Spiritual Compromise - Conclusion

Spiritual Compromise Part 2

Spiritual Maturity

Starting Over Again

Starting With the Heart

Statements of Settled Fact

Staying Clean In a Dirty World

Staying Focused In An Electronic World

Staying Single

Straight Preaching Part One

Straight Preaching Part Two

Strong Drink is Raging



Surviving the Situations of Your Life

Surviving Trouble on Every Side



Take The World But Give Me Jesus

Taking Away the Key of Knowledge

Taking God's Name In Vain

Tattoos (1)

Tattoos (2)

Thanks to God for 24 Years as Pastor of Faith

Thanksgiving - Count Your Blessings!

Thanksgiving and The Work Ethic

Thanksgiving…to God

The Above Life

The Accountability of Stewards

The Benefits of Repentance

The Biblical Connection Between God and Government

The Blood of The Everlasting Covenant

The Book of Your Life

The Colors of Our Flag

The Conscience

The Cost of A Spiritual Life

The Cradle, The Cross and The Crown

The Cup

The Destroyer

The Empty Seat

The Enemies of God

The Exploitation of Our Youth

The Fear of the Lord

The Foundations of a Happy, Healthy Home

The Fruit of The Fear of God

The Fruit of The Root of Bitterness

The Fruits of Fellowship

The Goodness Of God

The Goodness of God (2)

The Goodness of God, Revisited

The Guiding Hand of God

The Horrible Pits

The Horrible Pits

The Impossibilities of God

The Koran and The Bible: Can They Both be Holy?

The Life of Man from Start to Finish

The Longest Journey

The Lord of All, Being Lord of All

The Love of Money

The Man of Sorrows

The Marks of an Empty Life

The Ministry of Fatherhood

The Ministry of Fatherhood

The Ministry of Motherhood

The Names of God

The New School Prayer

The Only Name Under Heaven

The Other Side

The Perilous Journey and Pleasing God

The Power of the Gospel

The Powers That Be

The Responsiblities of Young Christian Men

The Responsiblities of Young Christian Women

The Revealing Cross

The Royal Route To Return and Recovery in The Christian Life

The Ruin of a Christian

The Sabbath

The Sin Unto Death

The Statement of Jesus in Matthew 18:20

The Steering Will of God

The Steps of a Good Man

The Super Bowl

The Three Crosses of Calvary

The Trial of Your Faith

The Unspeakable Gift

The Unspeakable Gift - Revisited

The Weight of Words in Washington

The Windows of Heaven

The Word of God is Not Bound

The Wounds of Jesus

Things That Don't Mix (Grace and Works)

Things That Outlast Life

Things That Stand Between Revival and Ruin

Things the World (lost) Can Not Know

Things We Have to Get Over in Order to Go On

Thinking on These Things

Three Ingredients of Faithful Fatherhood

Toss Your Religion, and Take Jesus


Training Up Children

Traits of a Crumbling Society

True Christians


Twenty Causes for Personal Failure

Twenty-Five Years of Making Memories

Twenty-Six Years of Making Memories



Unconditional Christian Living

University of Adversity

Unobtainable Morality

Unsaved Church Members






Waiting on God

Walking on the Water While Going Through the Storm

Walking With God

Was The First Thanksgiving Given in Honor to God?

What A Concept!

What Are the Desires of Thine Heart?

What Did Jesus Teach?

What Happens When A Nation Turns From God?

What Happens When We Die? (Pt. 1)

What Happens When We Die? (Pt. 2)

What It Means To Be In Your Right Mind

What it Takes to Get Some People Right

What Makes Us Happy

What Our Children Need

What Revival Will Do For Us

What the Bible Can Teach Us About Perspective

What Will it Take to Get Our Attention?

When 'In' is 'Out' and 'Out' is 'In'

When All is Gone and It is Christ Alone

When Close Is Not Good Enough

When God Says Yes

When God Stands With Us

When God Stopped Winking

When it is Hopeless, We are not Helpless

Who are we going to believe, Barack Obama or the Bible, God's Holy Word?

Who Can Forgive Sin

Who Can Forgive Sin?

Who is a Fool?

Who is a God like our God?

Who Is Jesus?

Who is Lost?

Who Killed Jesus?

Who Will Take the SON?


Why I Am A Fundamental Baptist

Why Jesus Could Not Save Himself


Willing Ignorance

Winter Revival, January 2004

Women Deacons

Women Preachers

Women Preachers (revisited)

Women Preachers II

Working Out What God Works In




Y7K, The Seventh Millennium

Yielding Your Members as Instruments of Righteousness

Your Fortune? Can You Know Your Future?

Your Personal Walk With Jesus

Your Record

Your Turning Point

Youthful Days

Youthful Days - (rewritten)